Meet our Founder

Hi there!

Keosha Randolph is the Founder and Servant Leader of A Place to Belong, a community that inspires to equip all women of all ages to love God, know God and obey God.

Keosha is a South Carolina native, where she resides with her husband George Randolph.

Serving A Place to Belong, she has witnessed countless women step into their Kingdom purpose by choosing to follow and surrender their lives to Jesus. This is what brings her joy.

Her favorite sayings are, "The Bible says what it says" & "Put it up against the Bible". When uncertain about anything, look to God's word, he always has an answer.

Our Story

In 2021, the Lord called Keosha to ministry while sitting on a friend's couch, he spoke 4 words, "A Place to Belong". Unaware of exactly, what those words meant, Keosha kept it close to her heart and continued with life.

In 2022, a close friend of Keosha's, at that time, desired to grow their relationship with Christ. The two of them began doing a Bible devotion every night together. This quickly caught traction as others wanted to join. 2 people became 4, 4 people became 6, 6 people became 8, and continued to grow. The Lord then brought those 4 words, "A Place to Belong" back to Keosha's memory.

The words he spoke in 2021, now made sense. A ministry, a community had formed. He called it, "A Place to Belong".

  • Our Mission

    To inspire and equip all women to Love God, Know God, and Obey God.

  • Our Vision

    For all women to walk in their Kingdom purpose. Uncompromised.

  • Our Motto

    "In Christ, We all have A Place to Belong". First Corinthians 12:12